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In The Meantime is self help for Generation X.

I know, I cringe at the term ‘self help’ too.

Let’s just pretend I said something much cooler and move on.

But really, Gen X is at a stage in life where this stuff is important.

And we’re facing problems unique to our generation, like:

Obligatory picture of some dude gazing wistfully into a sunrise. Presumably, he’s contemplating some very heavy shit. It’s unclear why he’s standing on a rock – perhaps flooding is expected. Hard to say. Regardless, readers should be aware that self help does not require standing on a rock.

At the same time, Gen X is hitting peak earnings, looking ahead to life after kids, and thinking about retirement savings.

There’s a lot on our plate.

Yet, there’s very little research and almost no self help for Generation X, compared to the two giant generations (Boomers and Millennials) either side of us.

Self Help for Generation X 

Despite this, deep in the lentil belts of gentrified suburbs around the world, Generation X has been figuring shit out.

In The Meantime is helping.

We’re all about un-sandwiching (well, it should be a word) Generation X from its bready confines, crammed between the hugely successful Baby Boomers – having shaped the globalising world for fun and profit – and the much-hyped Millennials with their digital prowess and entrepreneurial instincts.

Gen Xers (born 1965-1980) were raised on a steady diet of MTV and are hallmarked by poor fashion choices and aerated hair.

We’re now in our late 30s to early 50s – the prime of our lives.

Gen X is stepping out of the shadows and glowing in hyper-coloured, acid-washy glory. 

Inspirational stuff. Bet you wished you were standing on a rock staring into this sweet-ass vista.

In The Meantime…

In The Meantime celebrates Gen X’s coming of mid-age. It starts conversations on stuff that matters to Gen X. It shares our experiences and brings together the best research we can find to help fellow Gen Xers navigate middle-age. Our post fall into three areas:

Gen eXit

In The Meantime posts on the changing world of work and retirement, how Gen Xers are getting ahead financially, and how we are finding ways to move fluidly between continuous learning, creative endeavours, professional pursuits and personal growth.

While In The Meantime covers financial stuff (we will yell at you for buying that giant 4WD when you’re supposed to be saving for a cushy retirement), we’re not about spruiking ways to earn a fuckzillion dollars.

Planet X

In The Meantime also posts on the world we live in. Gen X is living through a period of profound transition.

We take a 50,000ft view to make sense of it all.

The global rules-based order and its hard-won institutions are decaying.

Democracy, free trade and an open internet are under threat.

Robots and artificial intelligence are ushering in disruptive changes.

We’ll post on the big-wheel movements and try to answer the seminal question, ‘so what?’

I know this isn’t really self help material, but it’s awesome anyways. And the pig is kinda helping the bird, so it’s in the same ballpark, right? At least it’s not another dude on a rock.

Maslow, meet Gen X

In The Meantime also posts on the outcomes of the belated meeting between Maslow’s hierarchy and Gen’s X lifestyle.

Generation X is embarrassingly low on Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

Seems we’re too busy helicopter parenting our Gen Z kids and caring for ageing Boomer parents to focus on things like purpose and meaning.  

We’re mid-way through our careers, paying off our mortgages, saving for retirement, and trying to acquire the stuff of life. Things like holidays and Christmas presents and whatever the fuck the Goddamn Joneses just bought.

We are probably the busiest generation yet.

No wonder there’s no time for personal growth.

In The Meantime helps to get the focus off survival and back onto the things that matter. 

Go Forth and Read Stuff…

So go explore In The Meantime. The posts are lightly written and not at all preachy.

In The Meantime is also the story of how Maggie and I got fed up with our debt-fuelled spending and crazy work-life balance.  And chose a different path.

You can read our story on the About Us page. 

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