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In The Meantime is self help for Generation X.

I know, I cringe at the term ‘self help’ too.

Let’s just pretend I said something much cooler, and move on.

So why self help for Generation X? 

Lots of reasons. Because Generation X:

  • Is facing challenges unique to our generation, like adapting to robotics and artificial intelligence when we’re at the end of our careers;
  • Will be the first generation to live on average into our 90s and are pioneering alternatives to the three stage life (learn, earn, retire);
  • Is stepping into the positions of power (at a time of increasing change) now that the Boomers are retiring;
  • Is at peak earnings, is looking ahead to life after kids, and is thinking about retirement savings; and
  • We attracts less research and advice than the two huge generations that bookend us (Boomers and Millennials).

But mostly because deep in the lentil belts of gentrified suburbs around the world, Generation X has been figuring shit out.

In The Meantime is about un-sandwiching (well, it should be a word) Generation X from its bready confines, crammed between the hugely successful Baby Boomers – having shaped the globalising world for fun and profit – and the much-hyped Millennials with their digital prowess and entrepreneurial instincts.

Gen Xers (born 1965-1980) were raised on a steady diet of MTV and are hallmarked by poor fashion choices and aerated hair.

We’re now in our late 30s to early 50s – the prime of our lives.

Gen X is stepping out of the shadows and shining in all its Atari-playing, acid-wash jeany, hypercoloured glory. 

Where To From Here?

We think self help for Generation X fits nicely into three categories. Pick one that intrigues you and click through to take a look.

Gen eXit

In the Gen eXit section, we look at the changing world of work and retirement, how Gen Xers are getting ahead financially, and how we are finding new ways to break out of the Baby Boomers’ Three Stage Life (learn-earn-retire).

We’re moving more fluidly between continuous learning, creative endeavours, professional pursuits and personal growth.

While Gen eXit covers financial stuff (and we will yell at you for buying that giant 4WD when you’re supposed to be saving for a cushy retirement), it’s not about spruiking ways to earn a fuckzillion dollars.

It’s about figuring out what you want then finding the right information to plan how you’ll get there.    

Planet X

The Planet X section takes a 50,000ft view of the world and helps make sense of it all.

We are in a period of profound transition.

The global rules-based order and its hard-won institutions are decaying. Democracy, free trade and open, unhindered internet are under threat. The 100-year life, robots and artificial intelligence are bringing huge changes to our lives.

In Planet X, we look at the big-wheel movements to answer the burning question, ‘so what?’

Maslow vs Gen X

In Maslow vs Gen X, we pit Maslow’s wisdom against the Generation X lifestyle – and it doesn’t look good.

Generation X is embarrassingly low on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

We’re too busy to focus on higher needs. Busy helicopter parenting our Gen Z kids and caring for ageing Boomer parents.

Mid-way through our careers, we’re paying off mortgages, saving for retirement, and trying to acquire the stuff of life, like holidays and Christmas presents and whatever the fuck the Goddamn Joneses just bought.

We are probably the busiest generation yet. No wonder there’s no time for personal growth.

In Maslow vs Gen X, we get the focus off survival and back onto the things that matter. Like building better relationships and planning a life based on values.

Go Forth and Read Stuff…

So go explore the sections. The posts are lightly written and not at all preachy.

In The Meantime is also the story of how Maggie and I finally had enough of our debt-fuelled consumerism, deteriorating work-life balance, and compounding spiritual deficit.

One day we said, “enough”.

You can read our story on the About Us page. 

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