Planet X

Generation X is Curious

Why Curious People are Happier and Healthier

Is Generation X curious, still? When we’re curious, we’re happier, healthier and social. But curiosity declines with age. So use it or lose it. Here’s how…  Read more



Generation X Vs Technology

Generation X is adopting pleasure-producing technologies en masse. And there’s much more to come. But are they making us happier? Read more




Which Generation Would Win a Zombie War?

When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, survivalists will scramble to assemble the best Zombie-slashing team possible. Will your generation be a first draft pick? Read more



Generation X Parenting risk and reward


The Sudden Stop At The End 

There’s no easy way to teach your kids how to live a bold, curious and adventurous life, without falling off the edge. I hope this heartfelt letter helps. Read more


Generation X The Good Lie.png


The Good Lie: Why Politicians Lie 

Ever wondered why politicians lie so much? The brutal answer is: We let them. Generation X has been as guilty as any in condoning the “good lie”.  Read more


generation-x-artificial-intelligenceWill We Survive Artificial Intelligence?

That’s right, fuck artificial intelligence too. (Mum, if I go missing start a revolution and come free me from the Computer Overlord’s human battery pack. Pull out the giant plug. No, the giant one. There’s only one plug, mum…).
 Read more


generation-x-robots.pngFuck Robots and the Self-Driving Horse They Rode in On

Okay, we got it. The robots are coming and we’re all fucked. Now, can we ease up with the desperate warnings of killer robots rising up to enslave humankind? Time to throw a little cold water on the panic merchants, and advocate Douglas Adams’ ever-sage advice: Don’t Panic.
 Read more


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