1999 Days to Early Retirement

It’s 20 July 2018 and it’s -3 outside.

Early retirement, which looks like this in my mind,

could not feel further away.

But, wait, what’s that?

The tiny green counter in the corner of my computer screen has ticked over to 1999 Days Until Early Retirement. A rush of endorphins lights me up and my hair stands on end. We cracked the 2000 mark!

1999 Days To Go…

I grab a pen and do some math.

1999 days minus:

286 weekends = 1427 Weekdays Days Until Retirement

75 public holidays = 1352 Work Days Until Retirement

30 [cough] sick days = 1322 Work Days Until Retirement

116 leave days = 1206 Work Days Until Retirement

78 days Long Service Leave = 1128 Total Work Days Until Retirement

Only 1128 work days until this:


So, we’re inching closer to early retirement. 

But are we ready for it?

Let’s see. Here’s our report card:

Early Retirement Progress Report

Subject GradeComments
FinanceB-Sound progress. Applied most of the advice of Financial Advisor. Needs to save more.
HappinessB+Studying well the mysterious art of happiness and applying it to the present.
ParentingC+MTG showed improvement in last 100 days, but needs to work harder. Maggie is a natural mum.
MaterialismA-Well done. Sold off lots of unnecessary crap. Shopping for entertainment way down.
CareerB-MTG secured new job and happiness increasing. Maggie improving on work-life balance.
Social & CommunityC+Improving, but needs to get involved with the community more.
HealthA-Did well to give up alcohol. Probably shouldn't have substituted sugar for it.

Not bad, but plenty of room for improvement.

Luckily, we’re learning lots through this experience and through developing content for In The Meantime.  

What next?

We’ll keep charging on, blundering through and writing it up. In the hope you’re getting food for thought out of this experience as well. 

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  1. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! That’s awesome. And good on you for having made plans for it. I’m so nervous about the idea of retiring because I haven’t got much saved up; I don’t know where to start. I feel like, at 36, I should have a handle on it, but nope.

    1. You’re much younger than we were when we started so don’t panic too much 😀 Most important thing is to make a start.

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