1999 Days Until Early Retirement: An Update

It’s 20 July 2018 and it’s -3 outside.

Early retirement, which looks like this in my mind:

could not feel further away.

But, wait. What’s that?

The tiny green counter in the corner of my computer screen has ticked over to 1999 Days Until Early Retirement. A rush of endorphins lights me up and my hair stands on end. We cracked the 2000 mark!

I grab a pen and paper, and attempt some math (No need to double-check this, it’s correct. Super correct. Very, very correct.):

1999 Days Until Early Retirement

Minus 286 weekends = 1427 Weekdays Days Until Retirement

Minus 75 public holidays = 1352 Work Days Until Retirement

Minus, 30 [cough] sick days = 1322 Work Days Until Retirement

Minus 116 leave days = 1206 Work Days Until Retirement

Minus 78 days LSL = 1128 Total Work Days Until Retirement

Only 1128 work days until this:

So, are we on track to actually retire early? Or is all this math just therapy?

Let’s see. 

Early Retirement Progress Report

Subject GradeComments
FinanceB-Sound progress. Applied most of the advice of Financial Advisor. Needs to save more.
HappinessB+Studying well the mysterious art of happiness and applying it to the present.
ParentingC+MTG showed improvement in last 100 days, but needs to work harder. Maggie is a natural mum.
MaterialismA-Well done. Sold off lots of unnecessary crap. Shopping for entertainment way down.
CareerB-MTG secured new job and happiness increasing. Maggie improving on work-life balance.
Social & CommunityC+Improving, but needs to get involved with the community more.
HealthA-Did well to give up alcohol. Probably shouldn't have substituted sugar for it.