3 Best Travel Tips for Generation X

The holiday season is coming. For many Gen Xers, it’s time to do some travelling. So we’ve got just the thing for you: The best three travel tips for Generation X. These little gems of travel tippy goodness have been uncovered during three decades of global vagrancy, travelling everywhere from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.   Generation... Continue Reading →

The Good Lie

Ever wondered why politicians lie so much? The brutal answer is: We let them. Generation X has been as guilty as any in condoning the “good lie”.

Will We Survive Artificial Intelligence?

That’s right, fuck artificial intelligence too. (Mum, if I go missing start a revolution and come free me from the Computer Overlord’s human battery pack. Pull out the giant plug. No, the giant one. There’s only one plug, mum. Oh, forget it).

Fuck Robots and the Self-Driving Horse They Rode in On

Okay, we got it. The robots are coming and we’re all fucked. Now, can we ease up with the desperate warnings of killer robots rising up to enslave humankind? In this two-part post, we throw a little cold water on the panic merchants, and advocate Douglas Adams’ ever-sage advice: Don’t Panic.

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